Karina - the London Mistress

I am a London Mistress and have become known as "Pearl of the Orient", some people tell me that I am "The Best" of the Best Oriental Girls here in London and I do have a legendary reputation for all things good. What is important though is what you think so I always endeavour to really be The Best because The Best is what I want for you...nothing less. I am who I am, yes a modern day "Geisha Girl", I really do know the "Art" of giving pleasure. I am a very friendly, warm and highly sensual girl and I will bring you to eXperience my special realms of intense passion and pleasure. I have learnt the expression, "a picture speaks one thousand words", so I am keeping my introduction brief but please take a look at my galleries and you will clearly see more of how I am. My character is a combination of KARINA a very successful girl about town who enjoys all kinds of nice things and alternatively I have another alternative persona, Mistress Kay, who reveals a completely different and perhaps darker side of me. My style is special to me alone, it is my completely natural evolution and is my own unique style. So if you want to know and discover a great eXperience then, please, come on, come to see me and make the eXperience of your life...choose Mistress Karina or Mistress Kay...as you like...

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